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Frequently Asked Questions



What CoVid-19 procedures are in place?

With all restrictions now removed as a business we are still being cautious. We are operating reduced numbers and seating friends and family together where possible. Alcohol gel is provided and our staff will wear face coverings or visors when moving around.


We ask our paintings to do what they feel comfortable with to ensure everyone has a safe event.

General FAQ’s

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We supply everything you need in order to paint including paint, canvas, brushes, table easels and aprons.

Do I need an previous experience?

Absolutely not. Many of our guests won’t have picked up a paint brush since their school days. Our paintings are designed with this in mind and our Art Workshop Leader will break the process down into easier to follow step by step instructions.

Can I sit with my friends?

Seating is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. We will also endeavour to seat group bookings together although can not guarantee this. Please come early to secure the best seats. 

Is there a dress code?

No. We don’t have any dress code although we would suggest old clothing as acrylic paint can be difficult to get out of material.

When should I arrive?

Our events will start at the published time with a short introduction and welcome before we start painting.  Evening events generally start at 7pm. We would ask all guests to arrive 10 minutes before the published start time in order to check in, find a chair and grab a drink. Of course if you would like to eat before the event, please check opening and food times with the venue.  

How long will the event last?

Please check the event listing for planned end time. Generally we aim for our evening events to be 3 hours long although sometimes we may get to the end slightly quicker and likewise sometimes the event will run slightly longer.

Can I vary the painting?

YES, YES and YES again. We would encourage you to put your own style onto the painting. If you would like to vary the colours, make changes to the design or change the painting in any way, please feel free to EXPRESS YOURSELF. We love seeing how our paintings develop and evolve.


Do I get to keep my painting?

Absolutely. We hope you have an enjoyable and fun evening and get to take home a painting that you love. 

Are under 18's allowed?

Whilst our events are geared towards adults, we are happy for 13+ year olds to attend providing they act in a sensible manner and are there to paint for the 3 hour duration of the event. 

Unfortunately, due to in-house rules, some venues do now allow under 18's on the premises after a certain time. therefore under 18's are now allowed at the following venues:

The Inn on the Green, Billericay

The Railway, Witham. 

All other venues welcome under 18's providing they stay within our events space and do not approach the bar. 


For any other questions or queries please email

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